The art of optimising a website for search engines –

Search Engine Optimisation.

We thoroughly optimise websites so that they appear high on the list of Google search results. We maximize the number of customers finding your website, both new and returning.

It’s important to understand that search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy. Implemented correctly, SEO will consistently drive more users to your website.

We work with our customers to find the right keywords and strategy for optimising your website for search engines. We have a powerful Suite of Search Engine Optimisation tools at our disposal which we will use to position your website at the top of Googles’ rankings.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Technical Optimisation: Can Google index your website content?

Google reads subtle elements of websites which aren’t immediately obvious to users. These elements include meta titles and page descriptions, search friendly URLs, sitemaps and tags. We will develop these specifically for your needs.


Local SEO: Where is your target audience?

We will optimise your website to perform better for local search terms and long-tail keywords.

We will also register your business and website with Google and Google My Business. This will enhance your local visibility in Google search results.

Keyword Research & Content Development: What do customers search in Google to find you?

We will research your market’s most valued keywords, learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO and use this data to drive more traffic to your website. We can also help to develop content for your website, rich in keywords Google will love.


Mobile SEO: How does your website perform on mobile devices?

Google loves websites that are optimised for great user experiences on mobile devices. It’s an important ranking factor for Google and we create mobile friendly websites that Google loves.


On-page Ranking Factors: How does your current website perform?

We’ll carry out a detailed analysis of your existing website content, meta information and architecture to see where we can make further enhancements.


Google Page SpeedSpeed Optimisation: How quickly does your website respond?

Website speed is an important ranking factor for Google. If your website is slow to load, Google will rank is poorly. With this in mind, we only design and develop websites that are speed optimised.


Backlinks: Which websites link to yours?

Linking websites and their rank form an important metric for Google. We identify linking websites, good and bad, so as to take action against the bad and advantage of the good.


Social Media Engagement: Who is talking about your website and how do you engage online?

Social Media Platforms

Google is using social media engagement with platforms like Facebook and Twitter more and more as a metric for rankings. We can setup social media accounts and advise how to get the best from them.


Conversion Rate Optimisation: When and where do your visitors leave your website?

We will identify any pages that are causing you to lose visitors and make the required changes to prevent their loss and improve the user experience. We can create new optimised landing pages, call-to-actions and optimise contact forms.


Analytics & Metrics: What tools are available for analysing my websites performance?

We have several tools we use such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Solutions which are used to create performance reports. They can also track user behaviour in real time and as a result provide us with essential optimisation information. As part of our services, we can setup and register your website with these tools. We will also register your business and website with Google and Google My Business.


Competitive Review & SEO Analysis: Who are your competitors and does Google rank them?

We will analyse your website and its keywords to identify any weaknesses and determine the best opportunities for your site against your competitors.


What can we do for your website?

We can design a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation package to fit your websites needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will find the solution for your website’s SEO.